About Alexander

Alexander was born in Austin, and raised all over the state of Texas. His mother started him in ballet and tap before age 3, and he took to dance immediately. Throughout his childhood, he trained ballet, tap and jazz, and as he got older, studied lyrical and modern movement, as well as en pointe. He trained dance at Lesa's Dance Sations under Robin Judice and Lesa Mueschke, and danced competitively at the national level as a child. He began acrobatics and tumbling at age 11, and also cultivated a love for musical theatre in school and in performance summer camps. He  began singing in choir in middle school, all the way into college. In high school, his choir was invited to and sang at the Vatican in Rome, and toured Italy in 2007. He was an apprentice for the San Antonio Metropolitan Ballet, and was a company dancer of Conally's Dance Workshop in San Antonio during high school. In college, he was a member of  Vitality Dance Company at Texas Tech University, and was also a select member of the Lyre Choir. After graduating with a BS from Texas Tech, he began his aerial training back in Austin in 2013. First, with pole, then lyra, hammock, chains, and trapeze. 

Alexander, the Great, has performed coast to coast, as well as performed 6 tours in Europe. He has even taught multiple dance workshops overseas!
Alexander is an original member and co-producer of the Boiz of Austin, founded by Mad Max Morrison, which started monthly shows in December 2015, and can still be seen monthly on Twitch!  He is the first and only male dancer to be on cast of the World Famous Jigglewatts Burlesque Revue, founded in 2006, where he is also a co-producer. He is a weekly instructor at the Austin Academy of Burlesque, under the direction of his burlesque mentor Coco Lectric! As of February 2021, Alexander is the newest Pole Dance Instructor at Black Box Creative, under direction of Shelbi Aiona!

In addition to his extensive performance and production experience, Alexander is a published model, he's filmed with MTV twice, and in his teen years, before his transition, he was a pageant multi-title winner (Miss Teen Austin 2007 and Miss Teen America 3rd Runner-up 2008)

Please see below for a list of all festival appearances and awards! 

When he is not performing, producing, or teaching, Alexander advocates for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and Underserved communities by serving as a Board member on multiple non-profit and Community Organizations. Alexander is a voter.
To relax, Alexander enjoys studying Astrophysics, gardening, baking, meditating, contemplating the 5th dimension, and spending time with his friends and cat.

Alexander was passed down a rainbow boa with hand beading in August 2019 from Candy Capitol/ Brandy Wilde Herself!! Brandy Wilde is a world renowned 1960s-70s era Burlesque Legend who was out during her career! (Read her book- TEASE)
Alexander treasures a hand-signed book from Marinka, Queen of the Amazons, (MarinkaBook.com) and performed with Marinka in August 2019, when she was the Jigglewatts Legend Headliner on Tour!
Alexander has watched the perseid meteor shower by Tiffany Carter's pool in Vegas, and proudly wears the "Miss Nude Universe" tank top she gave him!
Alexander had the divine pleasure of performing for a handful of Vegas's Burlesque Legends in  August 2019, one of which (Dusty Summers, Vega's only Nude Magician) said Alexander put on a "Great performance!"
And although he never had the chance to meet her, Alexander is a BIG fan of Alexandra the Great 48, who was the first burlesque legend to come out as Transgender. 

'In the name of Transgender visibility, he is here to conquer the world and invade your hearts!'

Alexander, the Great's Festival Appearances and Awards

1. Austin International Drag Festival 2016
2. Texas Queerlesque Festival (WON UNICORN SPIRIT AWARD)
3. Capitol of Texas Aerial Championship (WON 1st RUNNER UP-- PROFESSIONAL LYRA DIVISION)
4. Bristol Burlesque Festival (Bristol, England)
5. San Antonio Burlesque Festival 2016  [Boiz of Austin]

6. Dallas Burlesque Festival 2017
7. London Burlesque Festival 2017 (London, England)
8. Texas Queerlesque Festival 2017
9. Austin International Drag Festival 2017
10. Bushwig Festival 2017 (New York City)

11. Texas Burlesque Festival 2018 [Boiz of Austin]
12. Berlin Burlesque Week 2018 (Berlin, Germany)
13. Galway Burlesque Festival 2018 (Galway, Ireland)
14. Vienna Boylesque Festival 2018 (Vienna, Austria) 
15. Austin International Drag Festival 2018

16. Prague Burlesque Festival 2019 (Prague, Czech Republic) 
17. Texas Burlesque Festival 2018
18. Berlin Boylesque Drag Festival 2018 (Berlin, Germany)
19. Berlin Burlesque Week 2019 (Berlin, Germany)
20. Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival 2019 (WON MOST ORIGINAL)
21. Big D Burlesque Festival 2019 (Dallas, Tx)
22. HEADLINER- Austin International Drag Festival 2019

23. Texas Burlesque Festival 2020 [Boiz of Austin] -- Rescheduled due to COVID
24. Berlin Boylesque Drag Festival 2020 (Berlin, Germany) [Boiz of Austin] -- Rescheduled due to COVID
25. HEADLINER- Nasty Burlesque Festival 2020 (Treviso, Italy) -- Rescheduled due to COVID

Unicorn Spirit Award- Texas Queerlesque Festival 2016
1st Runner Up Professional Lyra Division- Texas Aerial Championships 2016
Best Drag Performer in Austin, Finalist- Austin Chronicle 2017
Voted one of the Top 25 Drag Kings in the World by Drag Kings Dot Net 2017

"Most Original" -- Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival 2019
"Best Male Entertainer" Finalist, Austin Drag Awards 2020
"Best Dancing Entertainer" Finalist, Austin Drag Awards 2020

Brighton Fringe Festival 2017 and 2018 (Brighton, England)
The Body Political 2019 (San Francisco, California)
Gender Unbound Festival 2018
OUTsider Fest 2018
Austin PRIDE 2014-2018

Notable Performances:
SXSW 2015, Performed with Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black) in GWF Showcase 
Pride 2015, Performed with Kate Moenig (The L Word)
SXSW 2016, Noisy Ghost PR Showcase
Eventbrite Headquarters Pride Party, San Francisco, June 2019

Thank you for supporting transgender and queer talent. Website Photos by Rod Nunley.
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